June 11, 2018


Our History

ApexIT started in 2001 with a fresh approach to IT.

After going through the nineties and the IT boom, the founders of ApexIT saw a need for a different model for outsourced IT.  Too many IT companies were focusing on billable time and not on what was best for the customer and what built a solid partnership.

With an entire new approach to IT, we wanted our clients look at ApexIT as an asset, not a cost.

Our Strengths

  • ApexIT strives to create business value for our clients through superior solutions and exceptional service.
  • ApexIT can help you achieve more with your IT and focus on projects that add business value.
  • We help organizations reduce operational costs while increasing reliability and productivity.
  • ApexIT is committed to providing superior services and solutions for your business.
  • You can count on our certified, on-call technicians, resources, and engineers.

Why ApexIT?

  • We simplify IT and we don’t talk to our customers with “techno-babble”.
  • ApexIT aligns our services and solutions with your goals and objectives to deliver business value that’s second to none.
  • We take business personally and we value our strong relationships with our top-rated vendors.
  • ApexIT strives to cultivate lasting relationships with our clients.
  • We believe in giving back to our clients and the community.